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Im House of Yoga gibt es nicht nur das reichste Angebot an unterschiedlichen Yogastilen, es ist auch eines der wenigen Studios mit einem eigenen Hot Yoga Raum.

Bei uns findest du die originale 90 Minuten Hot-Serie Bikram Style.

For our yogis we offer a wide range of different Hot Yoga styles & Pilates with infrared heat. Infrared radiation can be supportive in the treatment of back and joint problems. In our "Deep Stretch" classes infrared heat is perfect for relaxing the muscles. In our more active Hot Yoga classes (e.g. Hot26, Hot60, Pilates, Vinyasa Flow, Easy Flow) the intensive sweating has a positive effect on the immune system and trains the cardiovascular system gently.

In Hot Yoga, training and heat meet directly. The following overview explains how practicing at around forty degrees has an effect on health and what you need to keep in mind.

Basically any style of yoga can also be practiced "hot". However, the so-called Hot26 is considered typical, in which a sequence of 26 positions (asanas) is performed at 38 - 40 degrees Celsius. The hot yoga variations range from relaxed deep stretch at a comfortable warm room temperature to various vinyasa flow combinations and strengthening power yoga or Pilates. Hot Yoga promises relaxation and fitness at the same time.

Our Hot Team consists of certified Bikram yoga teachers who teach exclusively Bikram Dialog and certified Hot26 teachers who teach a freer Hot style. We also have great, creative Hot Vinyasa teachers. Our teachers are some of the most sought after in and around Vienna, Austria and beyond.

With us you are in safe hands, we have the right Hot Class for every level. From beginner to full professional there is something for everyone.

Health benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga im House of Yoga

The increased temperature during hot yoga has several advantages: the tissue is already warmed up when practicing, which is easy on both muscles and joints and makes the body more flexible overall. In addition, the tropical temperatures are said to have a particularly beneficial effect on heart and circulation. Although newcomers often have to struggle with a lack of endurance at the beginning, the body quickly gets used to this state of emergency. If you don't let the heat get you down right away, the training will soon make itself felt effectively. Practitioners report improvements in flexibility, fitness, high blood pressure - and mood. In addition, the metabolism is boosted and calories are burnt off by themselves.

Possible risks of Hot Yoga

Despite the positive effects of training, caution is also required when doing Hot Yoga. Participation is at your own risk - heart patients are generally advised against this intensive training. At the beginning, the hot workout can be quite demanding on the circulation and can sometimes cause dizziness or nausea. Beginners should therefore listen to their own body and not measure themselves against other participants. In any case, the focus is not on competitive sports, but on physical well-being.

Inferno HOT Pilates

Bei uns gibt es auch Inferno Hot Pilates!

Vielleicht hast du auch schon davon gehört, Hot Inferno Pilates (HIP) oder Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP) ist eine neue und sehr effektive Trainingsart!

Infernohotpilates ist ein High Intensity Interval Training (also ist es auch bekannt unter HIIT. Das Training schafft schlanke Muskelmasse, verbrennt Fett (beschleunigt den Stoffwechsel und bietet bis zu 48 Stunden Nachbrenneffekt!) und verbessert die allgemeine Fitness. Es kräftigt den gesamten Rumpf, verbessert den Kreislauf und die Flexibilität – spürbar ab der ersten Einheit!

You train HIP, IHP or HIIT in a heated room (at about 35 degrees) on a yoga mat, which reduces the stress on joints and muscles to a minimum. You practice to cool music, which gives the training together an additional motivating kick and fun factor.

If you are looking for a real physical challenge or just want to do body shaping, our Infernohotpilates classes are perfect.

deep stretch

Deep Stretch im House of Yoga

If you prefer a little less heat, then just come to our Deep Stretch classes. Here the heat is reduced from 38-40 degrees to a comfortable 32 degrees.

Preventing dehydration

Hot Yoga and Pilates is a very humid affair and you should always have a towel with you. In a heated yoga studio, several liters can be sweated out, which increases the need for fluids immensely. Therefore dehydration is the biggest risk factor. You are allowed to take drinks with you, however, you should not drink anything during the session unless the teacher specifically announces water breaks. To prevent dehydration, teachers regularly remind students to drink more during the day and up to one hour before the start of the lesson.

We also help you to save your wallet. With us there are no additional costs for hot units. Despite additional expenses (heating, cleaning etc.) it is our concern to make Hot Yoga & Pilates affordable.

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