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Szilvia Kondor

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What brought me to yoga

What brought me to Qigong

The joy of movement. I worked as an aerobics trainer during my studies and once a week there was Power Yoga in the studio. It fascinated me how strength and flexibility can be combined so well. I was very immobile from aerobics and running... That was the beginning, in 2008. Since then I have never let go of yoga (Ashtanga Yoga).

How you will recognize me

Smiling face, open approach to people, more and more appreciation for simplicity and peace in life

My Life Mantra

My Favourite Asana

My favourite Qigong technique

Adho Mukha Svanasana -  downward facing dog

Who and what inspires me

The quiet moments, time in nature, my children

My Astrological Sign


My classes are

Mindful and powerful. Characterized by dynamic movements to feel the body and allowing time to arrive in an asana and to connect with the breath

What Yoga means to me

What Qigong means to me

To me, Yoga and meditation mean the way to a more sensitive, quiet and free life.

House of Yoga is for me

A place where people can meet, exchange, practice and grow.