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Nicole Urban-Krenn

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What brought me to yoga

What brought me to Qigong

A friend who took me to yoga.

How you will recognize me

In my calm and cheerful way of teaching.

My Life Mantra

"So ham" or Oscar Wilde's "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!"

My Favourite Asana

My favourite Qigong technique

My favorite asana is the dancer, Natarajasana, because this asana requires a combination of strength and balance and opens both the hips and shoulders and also looks simply very aesthetic.

Who and what inspires me

I am inspired by many people, but I would like to emphasize Briohny Smith and Claudine Lafonte, who are excellent yoga teachers, but above all they are among the most positive people I know.

My Astrological Sign

Capricorn, Ascendant Sagittarius

My classes are

Powerful and challenging, but always individually adaptable, so that everyone benefits and the mental level is not neglected.

What Yoga means to me

What Qigong means to me

Yoga for me is the unity of body, mind and soul and therefore, as the Baghavad Gita says, the journey of the self, through oneself, to oneself.

House of Yoga is for me

A great and courageous project that focuses on all facets of yoga, which I would like to be part of from the beginning.