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Karo Gawrzynski

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What brought me to yoga

What brought me to Qigong

A coincidence. Or not, because I don't believe in coincidences. At a time when I desperately needed it, I saw a film about Kundalini, 'The Miracle of the Force of Life'. A few days later I was already sitting in my first yoga class.

How you will recognize me

By my open, spontaneous nature, mostly loose clothing and a drinking from a water bottle within reach ;)

My Life Mantra

Keep up and you will be kept up. My favourite mantra: Ardas Bhaee, a prayer mantra for grace, protection and hope.

My Favourite Asana

My favourite Qigong technique

Sat Kryia, because it lets me experience the power of Kundalini again and again and reminds me of our unlimited possibilities.

Who and what inspires me

My teachers, Sat Sarbat Kaur, Satmukh and Nirmal Singh and all the other people who courageously go their way without worrying what others think about them.

My Astrological Sign


My classes are

Dynamic, varied, inspiring and always with a musical background.

What Yoga means to me

What Qigong means to me

Yoga is a magical experience that goes straight to the heart and is difficult to describe in words.

House of Yoga is for me

A place of encounter, where knowledge about Yoga, through different people and their life stories, comes together.