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Andreas Kern

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What brought me to yoga

What brought me to Qigong

I got to know QiGong in the course of a Yoga seminar. I was fascinated by the immediate perception of the flow of Qi, the intensity and grace of the exercises.

How you will recognize me

I suspect primarily by the face and voice.

My Life Mantra

Om Namo Narayanaya: Obeisance to the One who is within all creatures

My Favourite Asana

My favourite Qigong technique

Zhan Zhuang (Standing like a stake): This simple-looking exercise strengthens the inner strength, stimulates the energy flow and clears the mind. In the middle of the last century this technique was introduced in Chinese hospitals for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Who and what inspires me

Wise masters, inquisitive students

My Astrological Sign


My classes are

This is something the participants should better answer.

What Yoga means to me

What Qigong means to me

QiGong is for me the ideal discipline to keep body and mind fit and to promote spirituality.

House of Yoga is for me

A platform to get to know like-minded people and to pass on knowledge to interested parties.